Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's been hella long since the last update. Sorry, I have been really busy with school.

To start it off, I'm here bumming at home cause you really can't get anywhere when your debit card, Emergency credit card get demagnetized and the Bank being closed on Sundays. I feel so dumb cause I probably placed my cards back to back having the sliding slips contact each other.


Anyways, last final is on Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to the summer. I'll be hitting up the track and the car is coming along. Also will hit up the water for some wake board action. Hopefully I can fine a Job when I move back to Dublin. Going back home will definitely help me save money since I'm not paying rent for a few months. This will be sweet.

As she sits.

Surprised I got her up the driveway back home sweet home. I really do miss the fam bam.

The New Wake board.

Bought back my old over-fenders from my friend Eddie. Need to fix a few cracks and it will be good to go.

Sad to see Eddie's car get parted out.

So Thunder Drift on June 6th is coming along and I'm excited.

To do list:

-Install Outer Tein tie rods and Inner S14 tie rods
-Get Alignment
-Install 20mm Over-fenders
-Mount tires


  1. u never called me back & ended up hanging up on me- multiple times, i woulda spotted u ma man

  2. So its on the 6th now? I'm gonna get that diff welded up soon:-) I PMed herb already on NCD he said they can do it like PSM for $90. Summer is gonna be dope!