Friday, June 8, 2012

Editing and Waiting...

Still figuring out how to edit my Go Pro footage so I can get that posted on here and still waiting on pictures to surface online from the event last Saturday.

So I will leave you with my favorite Option Video Vol.88 "2001 Round 3 Bihoku"

You guys should know why... lol

Thanks s0apgun for uploading this!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prep Work continue...

Hella shit has happen before the event, so I wasn't able to blog during the process.

Day 3: 

Replaced my whole ebrake assembly from my car. Hope this shit locks now!

Jacked my car in the garage.

My Babies:

SSR Vienna Kreis

My lady came to visit and gave me a hand. She is always down to learn and get dirty, just makes me love her even more.

Bought some drift spares and a new seat

xxr526 17x10 +20 =( ... (wish I didn't sell my extra set of Viennas Kreis), Corbeau Forza

Messed around and slapped on the wheel caps to see how they would look on and they're not bad looking. Might run them for the event. Pretty much put the car together again...

Finished the ebrake. Tested it out, it was still spongy! FUCK!

Out of no where my radiator started to leak. It was leaking form the fins... sad life!

Day 4:

Stressed and bummed dealing with more problems. Took me till 3 AM to figure what I wanted to do buy a new radiator, or a stock one, or borrow one for the event. I went and bought a stock s14 radiator off a friend.

Left: Old                               Right: New

Just sucks the top mounting points are different! One answer to that, "Zipties"... lol for now!

Back on Jacks... 

While waiting for this shit to flush out. I went ahead and rebleed the brakes again. Found out that I have been doing it wrong. It says to bleed farthest from the brake cylinder so you would think:

Passenger rear, driver rear, passenger front, then driver front.

Apparently the correct sequence is:

 Driver rear, passenger rear, driver front, then passenger front.

This is going along with the 240sx manual diagram with the distance of the brake lines from the cylinder. "CRAZY!" But it works and feels great now.

Hammer time!


Day 5: 

Oil Change!

New Vinyls are in!

All that glitter bitch!

Excited to use this for the first time! Thanks baby, best gift ever.

She's washed up and ready for battle for Stockton's Fairground Drift Event!

Coverage on the Event soon...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prep Work!

Day 1:

Repainted my helmet once again. Never tried two tone, so far I like it.

Watched the Lunar Eclipse that day.

I got bored in Yuba City waiting for my Lady to get out of work, so did some street drifting. Time flew a lot faster. =T

Day 2:

Went to Knock's house to take out the unmolested ebrake cables off his part out shell that he bought for hella cheap with a good running Ka24de.

Knock's parents bought bomb ass pizza. Thank's Knock! You can check out his tumblr:


It was pretty much a "Hatch Party," four 240 hatches at his house.

Pulled ebrake cable out of knock's car. Hope this shit fixes my problem.

Changed the Bush-control lever. My old one was super done! lol

I finally decided on the wing for my car!

JDM S14 K's Wing! =P ....Test fit with Tony.

More updates soon... =)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Semesters Over! =)

I know it has been forever since the last post. Also, I did promise to blog more, which I totally failed to keep. I have been busy with school and this semester was super hectic. Now schools out I been working on the car and doing proper maintenance to it.

 Here is what happen so far during school:

I had to redo my wire tuck for the fourth time. Early morning right before school, the car wouldn't crank and start. Missed school and took a whole day to figure out the gremlins to the problem. Finally found the problem by the end of the day where one of the ignition wire and headlight wire were shorting each other out where I rubbed through the silicone case to expose the copper wire to make contact. Freakin sucked ass!

Got into Glassblowing last semester and continued this semester. Shit is pretty fun!

Teaching and helping my baby work on her 300zx!

Watched the New outsider Japan DVD

At Work browsing Formula 1 standings!

Dealing with the POPOs!

Now to the present.

So Jason and I will be attending the Stockton Fairgrounds Event! What sold us to going to this event was, "No cages needed to TANDEM!"... Very Excited for June 2nd, so stay tune for up coming updates. Planning to have in-car and out-car footage on my new GOPro that my Lady bought for me on Valentines Day! =T

That is it for now, I will be updating shortly on things I need to get done on the car before the event!